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Specialist Chiropractic Treatment Clinic in Dublin 2

Specialist spinal and back pain clinic in Dublin 2, Dublin City Centre. We offer an advanced level of clinical assessment, diagnosis and effective treatment for all types of spinal and back pain disorders from, headaches, neck pain to radiating limb pains, scoliosis, wear and tear & disc issues.

Our team of highly trained Chiropractors have undergone the highest levels of education and training to ensure the treatment you receive is the gold standard in current, patient centered chiropractic care currently available today.

Open 6 Days a Week, Treatment from €40, Early & Late Appointments Available

Why Choose US for your Chiropractic Care in Dublin?

Our Chiropractors are registered and insured with the Chiropractic Association of Ireland ensuring the highest level of education and clinical excellence and are adhered to allowing for excellent patient outcomes in a relaxed and friendly patient centered environment.
Chiropractors offer a highly effective, safe, hand on approach to the treatment of the spine through manual manipulation. Here at Dublin City Chiropractic we take the time initially to thoroughly investigate the root changes and causes to your back problems – in order to more effectively correct them.

Our aim is to quickly reduce pain and improve the function of our patients as well as to educate them on how they can account for their own spinal health via exercise, diet, ergonomics and other therapies that help treat back pain.

If you are interested in starting chiropractic treatment looking for a new chiropractor in Dublin then we are certain that we can help you. If you’re in pain and need help don’t hesitate call us today on (01)6444555 or Book Online and don’t live another day in pain.

What Our Patients Think

"Dr Ryder wonderfully combines an understanding of the bodys working word a non forceful adjustment technique. This allows me to maintain to a high standard my physical regime to manage the underlying condition previously mentioned and enjoy a pain free life..."

Author J Reynolds, Dublin

"Dr. Gemma Bailey has a very professional, friendly, open, warm and caring manner and explained everything on a chart to my daughter in a way that she could relate to. She gave her reasons and explanations as to exactly what was going on and how she would treat her as well as how long it would take..."

Author Louise, Dublin

"Patrick has a large tool box of skills to draw from, including trigger points, fascial stripping and dynamic adjustments to name a few. My pleasant surprise was replaced with respect when Patrick listened intently to my feedback, yet still gave my entire body, foot arch to skull, the trained eye..."

Author M Wehr, Dublin