Over the last 20 years, I have had numerous chiropractors (at least 15) to try and resolve the problems I have with my back pain, neck pain, spinal pain, joint stiffness and subsequent body imbalance which is particularly a result of training injuries, a fall when I was 1 years old and also a defective chromosome related condition.

Throughout this time I have met only two chiropractors who were supreme on their ability to get my skeletal frame as near as ‘normal’ and pain-free which would enable me to manage my health effectively. The first was a chiropractic doctor who subsequently moved to west Sussex in 2006. The other, who I am currently under his care is, Dr Patrick Ryder.

Dr Ryder wonderfully combines an understanding of the bodys working word a non forceful adjustment technique. This allows me to maintain to a high standard my physical regime to manage the underlying condition previously mentioned and enjoy a ‘pain free’ life. I’m very grateful that I have Dr Ryder on my ‘team’ and have approximately for 2 years. I have great peace of mind knowing that any neck, bak, spinal & joint pain issues will be dealt with effectively by Dr Ryder & importantly I’m not treated like a cash cow by the clinic.

I would without hesitation highly recommend Dr Ryder as an addition to any persons team in effective health management

My 12 year old daughter had intermittent neck, shoulder and back pain. It was worse at night and so was interfering with sleep. She had it for almost one year before coming to the Fitzwilliam clinic for chiropractic care. She saw immediate improvement after the first session. Everything felt instantly looser and after only 3 weeks there was a noticeable improvement and the pain did not wake her up at night. Dr. Gemma Bailey has a very professional, friendly, open, warm and caring manner and explained everything on a chart to my daughter in a way that she could relate to. She gave her reasons and explanations as to exactly what was going on and how she would treat her as well as how long it would take. She relates to children very well. My daughter had back pain for almost one year and many physio and osteopath treatments that did not help. In the end, Chiropractic Care made the difference. It got sorted in a relatively short period of time. Now she goes once a month for maintenance.

I was referred to Dr Ryder by a fellow athlete. Truth being I would never have seen him without the recommendation. Why? Well I am a multi-sport athlete weighing around 120kg and have never had a Chiropractor who weighed less, able to adjust my lower spine. Well, I was proven wrong. Patrick has a large tool box of skills to draw from, including trigger points, fascial stripping and dynamic adjustments to name a few. My pleasant surprise was replaced with respect when Patrick listened intently to my feedback, yet still gave my entire body, foot arch to skull, the trained eye. The symptoms were addressed, however that same trained eye never assumed that the “presentation area” was the whole problem and not the symptom of another problem. This is a medical specialist who is through, polite, skilled and confident in his communication skills. Fitzwilliam Chiropractic gives you a best estimate idea for treatment, which in my case was spot-on with. If you are an athlete, have a large physique or simply want to experience a truly complete and professional chiropractic experience, make a booking.

Dublin city chiropractic rated 10 out of 10 based on 3 Client reviews.