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Unfortunately, with the latest Government COVID19 Update, we have had to temporarily close the clinic for the next few weeks.

If you have an appointment, this has been provisionally moved to a similar day and time at the end of the month. You can manage this directly by clicking the link in the footer of the new appointment confirmation email.

Its up to us all during the next few weeks to reduce the spread and protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Although we’ve taken every precaution over the last few weeks to reduce the risk of transmission, its impossible to be 100% sure. We do not wish to risk your health and the safety of your families, as well as our own.

Although it is much sadness that we have to close for this short time, rest assured we will be back as soon as the authorities deem safe and we have all done our bit to flatten the curve.

Over the last 10 years I’ve been privileged to have been able to help thousands of people, their families, colleagues & friends in Dublin & when this passes and we go back to our normal daily lives, we will be in a great position to be able to support you all with your health goals moving forward. 

For anyone experiencing a pain flair up follow this advice and these exercises and try to keep a healthy routine, move, rest, get sunlight, hydrate and eat well, to try and keep your stresses low and your immune system primed.

If you have any urgent issues or need to get in contact email info@dublincitychiropractic.ie which will be intermittently monitored. We can also arrange a free phone consultation and guidance during this time. All future appointments can be made through our online booking system.

Chiropractic philosophy is all about allowing your body and nervous system to work at its optimal so you can express maximal health & life. Its only at times like these can we only really appreciate that good health is priceless and determined by what we actively try to do to achieve it,

Wishing you and your families the best of health during these times & we look forward to seeing you soon,

Dr Patrick, Gillian, Liadan & Natalia


We are Specialist spinal health and back pain clinic in Dublin 2, Dublin City Centre. With over 25 years of combined experience we offer a world class level of clinical assessment, diagnosis and effective treatment for all types of spinal and back pain disorders from, headaches, neck pain to radiating limb pains, nerve, scoliosis, wear and tear & disc issues.

Our team of highly trained award winning Chiropractors have undergone the highest world class levels of education and training to ensure the treatment you receive is the gold standard, patient centered, evidence based chiropractic care currently available, allowing us to achieving phenomenal results.

Open 6 Days a Week, Treatment Plans from €30, Early & Late Appointments Available

Why Choose US for your Chiropractic Care in Dublin?

Our Chiropractors are registered and insured with the Chiropractic Association of Ireland ensuring the highest level of education and clinical excellence are adhered to allowing for excellent patient outcomes in a relaxed and friendly patient centered environment.
Chiropractors offer a highly effective, safe, hand on, natural approach to the treatment of the spine. Here at Dublin City Chiropractic we take the time initially to thoroughly investigate the root changes and causes to your back problems – in order to more effectively correct them.

Our aim is to quickly reduce pain and improve the function of our patients, as well as to educate on how you can account for your own spinal health via exercise, diet, ergonomics and other therapies that help treat back pain.

If you are interested in starting chiropractic treatment or looking for a new chiropractor in Dublin then we are certain that we can help you. If you’re in pain and need help don’t hesitate call us today on (01)6444555 or Book Online and don’t live another day in pain.


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