About Dublin City Chiropractic Clinic

The aim of our Chiropractic Clinic

… is to provide Dublin City with the highest level & world class standards of chiropractic patient care that’s evidence based, affordable & friendly. Where you and your aches, pains and health matter — Achieving Patient Results!

The team at the Chiropractic clinic have been brought together to work in a patient centered environment where their specialties combine to give the most beneficial specific care for your needs. With over 25 years of combined experience treating all types of pains and health complaints, there is nothing that we haven’t seen or helped before.

We’ve been established in the heart of Dublin City Centres Georgian Quarter for over 10 years. We are proud and privileged to be have been able to help improve the lives of thousands of people, during this time. We’ve gained over 500 hundred amazing patient testimonials.

Treating the neck, back & the whole spine is our primary focus, its our passion and we are obsessed with it. Our mission is to help improve the lives of everyone suffering with back pain and prevent those without it every having to experience it with the highest standards of spinal care.

All our clinicians have a minimal of 4 to 5 years of Masters level university education. With a sole focus, which is the treatment and management of your back pain and associated back pain conditions. When we say we really are experts its because we mean it.

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Our promise – to give you a clear understanding and education on your condition with clear transparency and options regarding your specific goals.

Our promise – if at your first visit through the case history and examination it becomes apparent we cannot help you with your problems, we will refer you to the most appropriate specialist or therapist and there will be no charge for the visit.

Our promise – if you are kept waiting over 20 minutes for any of your appointments then the appointment will be free of charge (for normal paying patients).

Meet The Team

Chiropractor Dublin Patrick
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Dr Patrick Ryder (MChiro)

Doctor & Master of Chiropractic, Clinic Founder

Patrick graduated from the prestigious Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in Wales after five years of full time study, with the title Master of Chiropractic title. He has also since been awarded by his peers a special achievement award for his contribution to Chiropractic.

Through his younger years and teens Patrick knew it was his vocation in life to help people, with a long family history in healthcare he had observed the need for an area that was an inclusive encompassing area of healthcare, that didn’t involve just treating the disease or aches with medicines. Patrick has been lucky enough to be able to spend multiple hours in orthopedic, geriatric and general medical wards to understand the benefits and limitations that the medical model of healthcare holds. This is where he became aware of Chiropractic – a multidisciplinary natural safe approach to helping and healing the body and restoring it too its full natural potential

Patrick has worked in busy clinics that have allowed him to treat a range of patients, from expectant mothers to small children all the way through to his oldest patient of 85 and everything else in between.
He has a keen interest in sports and performance injuries and optimisation as well as acute and chronic pain conditions- working alongside many professional athletes including Olympic, Premier League and Champions league.

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Gillian Chiropractic Clinic Manager

Gillian O’Mara

Practice Manager

Gill has been a member of the team since 2019, her natural warmth and kind nature has made her a big hit with all our existing and new patients.

From the first phone call, to your to the clinic, Gill is there is guide you through the entire process. No matter how nervous you may be or any questions you may have.

Chiropractor Dublin City Chiropractic

Dr Gemma Bailey

(Bsc (Hons) Chiro)

From as early as I can remember I have had a keen interest in health care and I hoped that one day I would have a career where I could help people improve the quality of their lives. During my teenage years I developed psoriasis and unfortunately found that western medicine was of little help. It was at this time that I started to look into complementary medicines and came across Chiropractic. It amazed me that by using completely natural methods Chiropractors could achieve great results especially with musculoskeletal complaints so I decided to pursue a career in Chiropractic.In 1999 I attended the Welsh Institute of Chiropractors at the University of Glamorgan in Wales. I graduated in 2003 with an honours degree in Chiropractic. On graduation I worked in the UK for three years – during this time I was lucky enough to gain experience working alongside GP’s in a busy city centre surgery. In 2006 I moved to Ireland and worked at the Fitzwilliam Health Clinic since it opened in March 2007.Over the past 7 years I have attended seminars throughout Europe and have gained additional experience in several techniques that help me treat a wide variety of conditions and patients from children to the elderly. I have also gained a keen interest in nutrition, spinal rehabilitation and foot mechanics. This enables me to achieve my treatment goals with patients, which is to find the cause of their problems, resolve the causes in order to prevent relapses in the future.In 2003 I was given the opportunity to pass on some of my experience to students at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin. This went well and I now enjoy lecturing for the college, teaching students anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Medical Doctor Dublin City Chiropractic

Dr Natalia Bratu

(MD DipDerm)

Dr Bratu has over 15 years experience in general practice, sports medicine and dermatology. She has been a member of the team at Dublin City Chiropractic since 2012 prior to this she was the medical Staff doctor for the Republic of Ireland’s International women’s team in FAI from 2008-2012.