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Inflammation, Pain and Super Foods

Inflammation can be causes by lots of different things including

  • Burns
  • Chemical & Toxins
  • Exposure to pathogens (virus/bacterium/fungus/prion)
  • Physical Trauma
  • Immune reactions
  • Radiation Exposure
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Alcohol

Here are some natural foods which have anti inflammatory properties don’t be reliant on superficial damaging medications look to natural alternatives.

Here are some super foods what will help;

Olive Oil, Almonds, Wild Salmon, Spinach, Brocolli, Ginger, Chili, Jalapeno

Check List for Back & Neck Pain

If you’re suffering with any aches and pain then go through this easy check list to see if you will need treatment to help you get better.

1) Has it been there for over a week?

2) Is it effecting your sleep? or effecting you getting out of bed?

3) Is it getting worse? or stopped getting any better?

4)Is it radiating down your arm/leg or into your head?

5) Has this happened before?

6) Is it effecting your energy or mood?


If you answer YES to any of these then you need to ring 01644455 book into avail of our free 5 minute chat with our chiropractors to see if we can help you.



Fungal Meningitis linked to Steroid Injections

Today 19 new cases of fungal meningitis have been linked to joint steroid injections in the USA, bringing the total to 233.

Corticosteroid injections are used to help moderate to severe cases of inflammation, and is supposed to mimic the natural anti-inflammatory affects cotisone has when released from the adrenal glands.

However as you may have seen or read it has been linked with the spread of fungal meningitis in America. Everyday this week the numbers of patients effected has been going up and up. It so far has been only been reported in the USA.

However even if this is a one off my one pharmaceutical company or a bad batch of steroid injection. There is more side effects of the steroid injection which you may not be aware of.

1) Destruction of Hyaline Cartilage in the Joint, which with long term steroid use damages this important joint protector and can ultimately cause more damage to inflamed joints.

2) Local infection- with introduction of a bacteria on the needle and puncturing the skin

3)Nerve Damage- particularly with spinal joint injections


Its vital that you exhaust all natural treatment options before you consider any injections or surgery, to any joint of your body.

A Study into Chiropractic & its Benefits with Low Back Pain

Here is a brand new study not even put to print in any journals as of yet! What is concludes the benefits chiropractic treatment had on patients with a new case of low back pain when compared to patients taking drugs or a placebo.

Exactly what out patients in the clinic and around the world already know.


“Study Design. A randomized double blinded placebo-controlled parallel trial with three arms.

Objective. To investigate in acute non-specific low back pain (LBP) the effectiveness of spinal high-velocity-low-amplitude (HVLA) manipulation compared with the non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drug (NSAID) diclofenac and with placebo.

Summary of Background Data. LBP is an important economical factor in all industrialized countries. Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in comparison to NSAIDs or placebo regarding satisfaction and function of the patient, off-work time and rescue medication.

Methods. A total of 101 patients with acute LBP (<48 h) were recruited from 5 outpatient practices, exclusion criteria were numerous and strict. The subjects were randomized to three groups: 1. spinal manipulation and placebo-diclofenac, 2. sham manipulation and diclofenac, 3. sham manipulation and placebo-diclofenac. Outcomes registered by a second and blinded investigator included self-rated physical disability, function (SF-12), off-work time and rescue medication between baseline and 12 weeks after randomization.

Results. 37 subjects received spinal manipulation, 38 Diclofenac and 25 no active treatment. The placebo group with a high number of drop outs for unsustainable pain was closed praecox. Comparing the two active arms with the placebo group the intervention groups were significantly superior to the control group. 93 subjects were analyzed in the ITT-collective. Comparing the two intervention groups, the manipulation group was significantly better than the Diclofenac group (Mann Whitney test: P = 0,0134). No adverse effects or harms were registered.

Conclusion. In a subgroup of patients with acute non-specific LBP spinal manipulation was significantly better than NSAID Diclofenac and clinically superior to placebo”

New Patients Video

A great introductory video for any new chiropractic patients, wanting to know what an initial consultation entails.

Health Rules

With the changing season, its the start of all the sniffles, sneezes, coughs and colds. I good way of helping prevent suffering is by keeping your immune system and health in tip top condition. Here are some basic principles to help;

1) Optimise Your Nervous System- get adjusted and minimize interference

2) Minimise Toxins- processed foods/drugs/ environmental

3)Natural fresh food- Nothing man made/altered

4)Move- use your muscles oxygenate the body

Olympic Fever

Sooo I know were a bit late with the the whole Olympic theme but wasn’t it amazing! Athletes who push themselves to the limits of physical strength, endurance and push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. Obviously with such tough training camps and with a constant physical strain on their bodies, having to deal with niggles and injuries are part and parcel of the process. There is more money now being put into preventative training and screenings  and to try and predict what possibly could go wrong. So its no wonder that Chiropractors were a key element to the Olympic village working with other disciplines to give every athlete the best possible chance of performing to their maximum during the games.

Usain Bolt the worlds fastest man receiving treatment from a chiropractor for a low back complaint.

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