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Chiropractic Pregnancy Treatment

Pregnant Women regularly benefit, getting great results from Chiropractic Treatment & Care.

It surprises people who’ve never seen a chiropractor before, that we are utilised by pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and often long after.

Not only for help with staying pain free and comfortable through all developing trimesters but also to help with an easier birthing process & recovery.

Its estimated that up to 50% of women will experience back pain through labor with 75% suffering with back pain through the delivery. (1-3)

The changes and challenges the mothers body goes through as it develops are truly incredible. Problems can arise when the biomechanical changes created meet barriers of restriction or tension to this increasing change.

For example as the pelvis rotates forward with the growing weight of the baby and growing bump any underlying tension of resistance in the lower back could be agitated. This is a common area and an area associated with the sciatic nerve and leg issues, which is a common problem through pregnancy.

Often the issues that are experienced through pregnancy are historic and underlying which exacerbate through the pregnancy. Now usually where these women may usually rely on medications to help, they now don’t have that option. Also becoming acutely aware about the effects of what medications can do to the growing baby.

Whats fantastic is the research backs this up!! Women who receive chiropractic care through their pregnancy have been shown to have a higher chance of a successful natural birth.(4)

Its from my experience as well they recover much quicker without complication following the the whole process as the body resets physically and hormonally following the birth.

Chiropractic treatment Pregnancy

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Chiropractic & Pregnancy

In the last month, I’ve had three patients who gave birth to their first babies – three healthy baby boys. You may be thinking what the hell’s that to do with Chiropractic treatment?!

These three women have been under chiropractic care for years. Before they got pregnant, they initially had treatment for relief from various aches and pains, and since then for regular maintenance check ups to make sure that their bodies are working at 100%, allowing them to stay fit, active, pain free and healthy.

With having such a optimal neuromuscular skeletal system, their bodies respectively were able to handle and adapt well to the extra stress of child bearing, natural birth, and post partum recovery…….with no aches, pains or complications.

Through research in this area between chiropractic and pregnancy the statistics speak for themselves;
1)Those first time mothers, receiving chiropractic treatment whilst pregnant had 24% labour times. Mothers on the second or third pregnancy had a 39% shorter pregnancy. This is in comparison to mothers not receiving chiropractic care.
2) For mothers receiving chiropractic treatment for back pain during the pregnancy, 84% gained relief from their symptoms. (1)(2)(3)

If you’re pregnant and unsure how chiropractic can help you then please contact the clinic where one of our Chiropractors will happily take time to talk and discuss your concerns and issues with you.
Call today on 016444555 or else email info@dublincitychiropractic.ie

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