Chiropractic Treatment Method

At Dublin City Chiropractic Treatment we utilize some of the most researched, effective and safest natural manual therapy techniques available.

Our award winning chiropractors have a combined experience of over 25 years, allowing them the experience necessary to become experts in their field. We honestly believe no-one else comes close to the treatment effectiveness or satisfaction that we give, its are passion and we are obsessed by it! We utilize the most effective, researched and recommended treatment protocols that work time and time again.

Our methods of Chiropractic Treatment include:

The Spinal Adjustment a gentle, specific, safe high speed low force pressure applied to the spine in order to restore its natural mechanical and functional relationship between the surrounding spinal segments, muscles and nervous system.

We also utilize other chiropractic treatment specialties such as drops, joint mobilisations, activator, arthrostim to name a few – allowing safe complete Chiropractic treatments for all ages and complaints.

The Muscular Work uses deep release techniques to restore the imbalances, spasms and weaknesses that arise in muscles tendons and ligaments. The primary interventions used are Active Release, reinforced stretching, cross friction, trigger point therapy & myofascial release.

You’re also incorporated into the Chiropractic treatment as well with spinal and postural advice, stretching, strengthening, postural exercises, diet, nutritional and supplement advice.

All major health care companies and policies contribute to your chiropractic treatments health care.

Chiropractic Treatments Insurance


Chiropractic History, Treatment & Care

The Chiropractic profession is over 120 years old and the third largest health profession in the world. Which bases its self uniquely by offering a natural, hands on, proactive, forward thinking health approach that changes the paradigm away from medical sick care to Chiropractic Health Care refocusing on preventative patient Wellness care.

Primarily we do this by analysing the health and function of spine, with regards to the tension, position, movement of the the 24 spinal bones (vertebrae) and pelvis. When these stop working as well as mechanically designed due to trauma, repetitive strain, posture, pregnancy, sport injury, stress or simply modern lifestyle, this negative change can then have consequences on surrounding muscles (spasm/weakness), joints, ligaments, discs & nerves leading to symptoms of pain, aches, stiffness and reduced mobility. This is why you if you have a spine then you will need Chiropractic care.

Lots of people have underlying spinal problems that may go unnoticed for years or stem back to a previous initial injury years before, which may have not been produced symptoms for a long time. Eventually though due to the underlying dysfunction with the back, symptoms reappear.

That’s why its important not only to focus on the subjective pain and ache but really understand the reasons behind it and correcting it, so not only you feel good but stay feeling good. Below are some problems successfully treated with Chiropractic treatment and care.


What We Treat

Some common problems treated with Chiropractic care are:

Neck, mid back and low back pain or stiffness,


Headaches and Migraines,

Arm, shoulder, elbow or hand problems,

Hip, knee, ankle or foot problems,

Disc problems


Whiplash injuries,


Sporting injuries,Numbness,

Tingling or weakness in the arms or legs


Poor posture

Pregnancy Related Disorders