How To Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling a Chiropractic Guide

In this video you’ll see how to Foam Roll;

  1. Your Thoracic Spine & Upper Back
  2. Repetitive Extension with your shoulders upper back and head
  3. How to Side Roll the Shoulder & Lats
  4. Hamstrings
  5. Quadriceps
  6. Pelvis & Hips
  7. ITB – Iliotibial Band – very important for runners
  8. Calves – overlooked with ankle stiffness/issue

Also with a foam roller don’t roll on bone keep it to the softer stuff, don’t roll your lower back, don’t be too aggressive or forceful!

Its all about habit and frequency try and roll out for a few minutes at least 3 times a week. These are techniques to better manage and keep a healthy back healthy. Opposed to fixing things that are wrong in the back or spine.

If you are generating or aggravating pain then stop – don’t make things worse!