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At Dublin City Chiropractic we are award winning chiropractors that are obsessed with health, your spine, back and everything associated with fixing it!

More and more research is concluding that the right advise, activity and chiropractic treatment applied at the early stages will help your issues resolve quickly and fully.

You go to a dentist for your teeth, a mechanic for your car, if you have back pain you need to see a chiropractor- its all we do & all we specialise in.

Your first visit will take up to 30minutes. On arriving at the clinic you’ll be greeted by our practice manager Gill, then asked to fill a short and basic health form. Once complete the chiropractor assigned to your case will meet you then bring you from reception to the consultation room.

1. A full case history will be taken where you will be given the time to fully explain all your complaints, aches and pains. Your chiropractor will ask you specific questions regarding your complaint, medical history and general health helping to build up a full picture of what’s going on.

2. A full assessment will take place incorporating movement, orthopaedic, neurological, postural, specific muscular and chiropractic tests. This is the first time our chiropractors will have ever assessed you so it’s an important stage of the initial consultation, giving us a detailed objective measurement of where the problems in the spine are and how severe your back issues are. It also allows us to make a comparison during future reassessment to chart your improvements.

Chiropractic Posture Scan

At Dublin City Chiropractic we are delighted to use a new state of the art specialist postural screening technology which gives an objective assessment of your spinal complaint and neurological imbalances, this accurate reading can be used to also track your progress with repeat scans as we progress your treatment.

Following this your chiropractor will then explain everything;
✅ your examination findings and how it relates to your condition,
✅ types of treatment that will be used,
✅ recommended schedule of treatment that will need to be implemented in order to completely resolve your condition.

This recommendation is not only based on you becoming pain free quickly but more importantly to stop this problem ever returning in the future.

Its very normal to have a lot of questions about everything- pain is by nature a very worrying, stressful stimulus on the body and it can be very isolating going through it by yourself. With a combined experience of over 25years, trust us when we say we’ve seen it all. The greater understanding you have of the problem and what treatment is needed to resolve it, the better. We encourage all questions and advise you to tell us, write them down or email during any stage of your treatment, even if your just reading this wondering if we can help.

This will be followed by your first chiropractic treatment. As this is likely your first ever time at a chiropractor and receiving this specialist treatment we will go nice and slowly making sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, explaining and showing everything we do as we progress through your first chiropractic treatment.

Our promise – if at your first visit through the case history and examination it becomes apparent we cannot help you with your problems, we will refer you to the most appropriate specialist or therapist and there will be no charge for the visit.

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Why choose our CAI registered Chiropractors?

All our chiropractic clinicians are full members of the CAI. This means that they are trained to the highest level in a 4-5 year full time masters degree at an accredited college (ECCE/CCEI). They are fully insured and keep up to date with continued learning keeping them on the top of their game when it comes to giving you the most effective and safest chiropractic care.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What do I need to wear? – Ordinary day to day or work clothing are perfect, or whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.

    2) Does treatment hurt? – No more than you can tolerate, similar to a deep muscular massage or sometimes the soreness experienced post exercise.

    3) Is my back pain muscular or spinal? – Your muscles don’t just spasm for no reason, muscles are strong, long, vascular and quick to heal if a muscle has spasmed and hasn’t settled within a couple of days then it’s more likely a compensatory response for a spinal or pelvic alignment issue.

    4) Is Chiropractic treatment safe? – Yes extremely safe. Research has shown that you’re no more likely to have a negative health reaction after a chiropractic treatment than from visiting your GP.

    5) Do I need to see a Chiropractor? – Yes, your spine is the most important structure in your body, its under constant relentless use and pressure, even whilst sitting or lying down, that’s why its so important to get it checked and treated by an expert. This is the short term can offer significant relief to symptoms but medium to long term prevent chronic pain, disc changes, arthritic wear and tear.

    6) How long does it take to get better? – This varies person to person, a lot depends on how severe the spinal problem is, this is what the initial consultations primary aim is to identify what exactly has gone wrong. Improvements do tend to be relatively quick however and steadily progressive with the correct treatment. As a general rule symptomatic relief can be as quick as 4-6 treatments with full correction of the spinal complaint taking a little longer.

    7) Do I need a referral from my GP & Does Health Insurance cover treatment? – No referral is necessary and all major health insurance policies cover 8 to 12 treatments a year at roughly 50-60% per visit cost. It’s recommended to contact your provider for a definitive answer dependent on your own policy level.

    8) What to expect during my first treatment? – Expect to feel completely at ease and relaxed, our chiropractors know what it’s like to try and experience a new treatment technique for the first time. They’ve been there once before themselves. Everything will be explained and shown prior and during the treatment session, with no surprises. Ultimately you’re in control as the patient and if there is anything you’re unsure or uncomfortable about then you’re encouraged to communicate this to the chiropractor straight away.