Patient Education Programme

A series of training articles for health education and videos of stretching & strengthening to help give you the tools to get through COVID19

Articles – Chiropractic key lessons that build a foundation to health & movement!

  • Pain – What you need to do during an acute flair up of back pain
  • Stress – Easy things steps you take to help reduce stress
  • Breathing – How to breath properly and relax your body
  • Brace/Core – How to find and start using your core muscles
  • Hinging – How to safely move through your pelvis, hips and low back
  • Sleep – Mattresses, Positions & Pillows, the essentials on how to sleep

Videos – Chiropractic Stretches & Exercises to help maintain a healthy spine!

Stretches —> 1) Neck 2) Mid Back 3) Low Back 4) Hip&Pelvis 5) Shoulders

Strengthening —> Core —-> Advanced Core

Conditions —> Sciatica —> Anterior Head / Posture —> Headaches

My Chiropractic Journey & Opening Dublin City Chiropractic