Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment from Dublin City Chiropractic

Our Chiropractors have had over 10 years of experience treating all levels of athletes from local, regional and international levels including Olympians and Champions League. The specific requirements and needs of these patients dffer drastically from more sedentary or inactive people.

Many people suffer injury through sport and it can affect your working life too if it is a severe enough injury. Therefore it is important to get specialised sport injury treatment as early as possible. There are many clinics that offer sports injury treatment but it is vital to find a clinic that has experienced and dedicated practitioners in this area. Dealing with a clinic that has worked on sports injuries previously will ensure that you get the necessary care that will help to expedite your recovery.

Our chiropractors are trained to the highest level with up to 5 years full time masters level educations To the highest level of European and international Chiropractic standards. For comparison basic Physical therapy, massage, yoga and Pilates qualifications can be achieved for as little as €2000 part time over a short number of weeks.

Extra care needs to be taken with sports injury as if the issue is ignored or not addressed properly, there will always be a danger of reoccurrence. This will likely last throughout a playing career so it is important to get the sports injury treatment right as early as possible. There may be underlying causes but an experienced chiropractic professional will address this.
With our sports injury treatment at Dublin City Chiropractic which we specialise in, we will initially meet with you for a consultation and discuss your issues and draw up a plan to address the situation in as timely manner as possible.

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