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Pain Free – Help Your Healing!

“We’re here to help you through every stage of your recovery from pain to full health and wellness.”

Most patients attending the clinic for the first time, is due to their levels of inflammatory irritation progressing to increasing symptom levels that have started to effect their everyday life, resulting in a chronic disorder.

During your primary stages of your chiropractic care there are some simple rules to follow to help aid with your recovery whilst minimising aggravation;

  1. move – often, with safety and awareness and as frequently as comfortable🚷. Avoid unnecessary or heavy lifting.
  2. posture – keep the spine long in its neutral three curve position when possible. No slouching, keep the head tall and low back supported. This may mean laying on the sofa or sitting in a more supported seat.
  3. ice &then heat – using an ice pack, or bag of peas which when possible can be used 4-6 times a day for up-to 10minutes with at least an hour between sessions. If the time allows this can be followed up by heat for up to 10minutes directly after the ice. 🥶
  4. sleep – our bodies need time to rest and heal this is mainly done whilst asleep, aim for over 8hours and nap 😴.
  5. hydrate&eat – your body is in a state of stress and recovery, it needs good nutrition.

Whilst medication can effect the levels of pain in the short term, it is not resolving the problem. This longer term can add to the continued negative progression of back complaints. If taking medication be careful of this false positive.

Inflammation and pain are a side effect from an underlying problem which your body is reacting too. This is why your chiropractic treatment plan has been recommended specifically for you, so we can resolve the longer term causes.

6. Please follow the recommendations and treatment as advised from your chiropractor, this is what has been proven to get you the best results from your chiropractic treatment.

Beds, Pillows & Back Pain!

I’ve changed my mattress and I still have back pain??

One of the constant most common questions with new patients is what mattress is best for the back and back pain.

Simply as firm as comfortable is the answer.

The bigger answer to the question though is a good back + a good mattress = perfect solution.

When we were young healthy and vibrant it didn’t matter where how or what we slept on.

Pain or stiffness at night or in the morning when waking it an extremely common symptom of a progressed bad back, which confuses people.

At night we need to have the ability to relax and rest as well as move with rotation whilst horizontal. Characteristics an unhealthy spine is incapable of.

What is important to realise whilst a better mattress is a positive change it isn’t going to fix the underlying problem that have usually taken years to develop.

Pillows and Positions

A pillow supporting and keeping the neck in a straight neutral position through the length of the night.

Side or back sleeping is advisable whilst trying to avoid front sleeping.

Side sleepers will generally require more pillow height then back sleepers.

Brands Recommended by Chiropractors;

Mayflower Medical for Sleeprrr Pillows 

Harley pillows: come in Dulux and standard

Orthorest pillow



Your Pain, Your Spine,Your Chiropractor

People eventually find chiropractic care at various stages of their own health journey.

The majority are in an active state of pain 🚷 & DISease😪

Our aim is to restore the normal postural alignment & reduce stress on the spinal vertebrae🙌

Reducing central inflammation and irritation to the back, enabling the nervous system to correctly heal and signal between the brain and body 💪

Spinal health is crucial to muscle, joint, disc & nerve health.

Which is why we have exceptional success with our patients in treating common disorders such as;

✅Sciatic and nerve entrapment

✅Disc wearing,degeneration & bulging 

✅Joint stiffness and pain

✅Muscle tension & spasm 

Ignoring the spine is ignoring the problem & people with years of progressive back pain still recover with specific chiropractic treatment….it’s never too late!

importance of healthy chiropractic spine
back pain and the spine

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Reviews from Around the Web and Chiropractic Education

We are so delighted that some of our past and present patients have been so vocal online sharing their positive experiences about the chiropractic treatment they received in the clinic.

It’s really beneficial to spread the message of what we do here and educating people who aren’t aware, have never been exposed or have misconceptions about chiropractic and what we do.

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The importance of the spine cannot be underestimated in its link to health and well being. As chiropractors we are exposed to the power of the body and its natural ability to heal and repair.

We understand that patients who are generally coming into the clinic for the first time are going through a painful inflammatory process and that it can be a scary situation to be in, especially if it’s the first time that it’s happened! That’s why we pay particular attention in explaining to you the current situation, why it’s arisen and what needs to be done to rectify the situation so that you can feel ‘normal’ again.

Using our years of experience and with seeing so many patients with so many different issues, we can take you step by step through the recovery and healing process, as well as giving you an estimated time frame to when you can expect to feel back to your best.

We will also assure all steps are taken to prevent future re-injury, making sure this situation wont present itself again!

A Study into Chiropractic & its Benefits with Low Back Pain

Here is a brand new study not even put to print in any journals as of yet! What is concludes the benefits chiropractic treatment had on patients with a new case of low back pain when compared to patients taking drugs or a placebo.

Exactly what out patients in the clinic and around the world already know.


“Study Design. A randomized double blinded placebo-controlled parallel trial with three arms.

Objective. To investigate in acute non-specific low back pain (LBP) the effectiveness of spinal high-velocity-low-amplitude (HVLA) manipulation compared with the non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drug (NSAID) diclofenac and with placebo.

Summary of Background Data. LBP is an important economical factor in all industrialized countries. Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in comparison to NSAIDs or placebo regarding satisfaction and function of the patient, off-work time and rescue medication.

Methods. A total of 101 patients with acute LBP (<48 h) were recruited from 5 outpatient practices, exclusion criteria were numerous and strict. The subjects were randomized to three groups: 1. spinal manipulation and placebo-diclofenac, 2. sham manipulation and diclofenac, 3. sham manipulation and placebo-diclofenac. Outcomes registered by a second and blinded investigator included self-rated physical disability, function (SF-12), off-work time and rescue medication between baseline and 12 weeks after randomization.

Results. 37 subjects received spinal manipulation, 38 Diclofenac and 25 no active treatment. The placebo group with a high number of drop outs for unsustainable pain was closed praecox. Comparing the two active arms with the placebo group the intervention groups were significantly superior to the control group. 93 subjects were analyzed in the ITT-collective. Comparing the two intervention groups, the manipulation group was significantly better than the Diclofenac group (Mann Whitney test: P = 0,0134). No adverse effects or harms were registered.

Conclusion. In a subgroup of patients with acute non-specific LBP spinal manipulation was significantly better than NSAID Diclofenac and clinically superior to placebo”

Olympic Fever

Sooo I know were a bit late with the the whole Olympic theme but wasn’t it amazing! Athletes who push themselves to the limits of physical strength, endurance and push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. Obviously with such tough training camps and with a constant physical strain on their bodies, having to deal with niggles and injuries are part and parcel of the process. There is more money now being put into preventative training and screenings  and to try and predict what possibly could go wrong. So its no wonder that Chiropractors were a key element to the Olympic village working with other disciplines to give every athlete the best possible chance of performing to their maximum during the games.

Usain Bolt the worlds fastest man receiving treatment from a chiropractor for a low back complaint.

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