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Pain Free – Help Your Healing!

“We’re here to help you through every stage of your recovery from pain to full health and wellness.”

Most patients attending the clinic for the first time, is due to their levels of inflammatory irritation progressing to increasing symptom levels that have started to effect their everyday life, resulting in a chronic disorder.

During your primary stages of your chiropractic care there are some simple rules to follow to help aid with your recovery whilst minimising aggravation;

  1. move – often, with safety and awareness and as frequently as comfortable🚷. Avoid unnecessary or heavy lifting.
  2. posture – keep the spine long in its neutral three curve position when possible. No slouching, keep the head tall and low back supported. This may mean laying on the sofa or sitting in a more supported seat.
  3. ice &then heat – using an ice pack, or bag of peas which when possible can be used 4-6 times a day for up-to 10minutes with at least an hour between sessions. If the time allows this can be followed up by heat for up to 10minutes directly after the ice. 🥶
  4. sleep – our bodies need time to rest and heal this is mainly done whilst asleep, aim for over 8hours and nap 😴.
  5. hydrate&eat – your body is in a state of stress and recovery, it needs good nutrition.

Whilst medication can effect the levels of pain in the short term, it is not resolving the problem. This longer term can add to the continued negative progression of back complaints. If taking medication be careful of this false positive.

Inflammation and pain are a side effect from an underlying problem which your body is reacting too. This is why your chiropractic treatment plan has been recommended specifically for you, so we can resolve the longer term causes.

6. Please follow the recommendations and treatment as advised from your chiropractor, this is what has been proven to get you the best results from your chiropractic treatment.

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