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Chiropractor 10 Years 10 Lessons

Lessons over a Chiropractic Career so far……

I graduated following 5years study in at the time was one of the two only Chiropractic Courses in the UK (None in Ireland). Health, Wellness, Pain & Chiropractic has been be passion, job and my main purpose for over a decade. Helping people gives no greater satisfaction. Involving constant learning, growing and marvelling at the wonders of the human body.

Over the last 10years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and help over 4000 patients improve their lives and health, through chiropractic care!

  • You are either Grow & learning or shrinking & dying,
  • You don’t get a bad (spine) back over night,
  • You are what you eat….literally,
  • A mental block can be the bigger initial limiting factor physical health block,
  • Healing takes time, no quick fixes, patch up no gimmicks,
  • Money is worthless if you’re sick or unwell – your health is your wealth,
  • Look internally at yourself for a solution instead of blaming everything else – mattress, car, sleep, boss, weather, glasses etc etc etc
  • Difference between a problem & symptom – why we feel the way we do takes deeper thought, then ‘my muscle is tight’
  • Pain medication doesn’t solve problems – temporary relief maybe but nothing more – letting problems develop longer term….potentially?
  • Patience and perseverance – two characteristics of people who generally stay healthier and have better health outcomes,
  • People aren’t taught about health and well being sickness and disease – should be a priority to teach the young how to live, move, eat, think.

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