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Chiropractic & Pregnancy

In the last month, I’ve had three patients who gave birth to their first babies – three healthy baby boys. You may be thinking what the hell’s that to do with Chiropractic treatment?!

These three women have been under chiropractic care for years. Before they got pregnant, they initially had treatment for relief from various aches and pains, and since then for regular maintenance check ups to make sure that their bodies are working at 100%, allowing them to stay fit, active, pain free and healthy.

With having such a optimal neuromuscular skeletal system, their bodies respectively were able to handle and adapt well to the extra stress of child bearing, natural birth, and post partum recovery…….with no aches, pains or complications.

Through research in this area between chiropractic and pregnancy the statistics speak for themselves;
1)Those first time mothers, receiving chiropractic treatment whilst pregnant had 24% labour times. Mothers on the second or third pregnancy had a 39% shorter pregnancy. This is in comparison to mothers not receiving chiropractic care.
2) For mothers receiving chiropractic treatment for back pain during the pregnancy, 84% gained relief from their symptoms. (1)(2)(3)

If you’re pregnant and unsure how chiropractic can help you then please contact the clinic where one of our Chiropractors will happily take time to talk and discuss your concerns and issues with you.
Call today on 016444555 or else email info@dublincitychiropractic.ie

1) Berg G, Hammer M et al. Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy. Obstetrics and Gynecology. (1988) 71: 701-775.
2) Diakow P, Gladsby T et al. Back Pain During Pregnancy and Labour. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. (1991) Vol 14: 116-118.
3) Fallon J. The Effect of Chiropractic Treatment on Pregnancy and Labour: A Comprehensive Study. Proceedings of the World Federation of Chiropractic. (1991) 24-31.

A Study into Chiropractic & its Benefits with Low Back Pain

Here is a brand new study not even put to print in any journals as of yet! What is concludes the benefits chiropractic treatment had on patients with a new case of low back pain when compared to patients taking drugs or a placebo.

Exactly what out patients in the clinic and around the world already know.


“Study Design. A randomized double blinded placebo-controlled parallel trial with three arms.

Objective. To investigate in acute non-specific low back pain (LBP) the effectiveness of spinal high-velocity-low-amplitude (HVLA) manipulation compared with the non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drug (NSAID) diclofenac and with placebo.

Summary of Background Data. LBP is an important economical factor in all industrialized countries. Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in comparison to NSAIDs or placebo regarding satisfaction and function of the patient, off-work time and rescue medication.

Methods. A total of 101 patients with acute LBP (<48 h) were recruited from 5 outpatient practices, exclusion criteria were numerous and strict. The subjects were randomized to three groups: 1. spinal manipulation and placebo-diclofenac, 2. sham manipulation and diclofenac, 3. sham manipulation and placebo-diclofenac. Outcomes registered by a second and blinded investigator included self-rated physical disability, function (SF-12), off-work time and rescue medication between baseline and 12 weeks after randomization.

Results. 37 subjects received spinal manipulation, 38 Diclofenac and 25 no active treatment. The placebo group with a high number of drop outs for unsustainable pain was closed praecox. Comparing the two active arms with the placebo group the intervention groups were significantly superior to the control group. 93 subjects were analyzed in the ITT-collective. Comparing the two intervention groups, the manipulation group was significantly better than the Diclofenac group (Mann Whitney test: P = 0,0134). No adverse effects or harms were registered.

Conclusion. In a subgroup of patients with acute non-specific LBP spinal manipulation was significantly better than NSAID Diclofenac and clinically superior to placebo”

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